River Rafting in Jarabacoa.

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Horseback Riding and Canyoning

Jarabacoa Excursion River Rafting
Maximum adventure and fun for everyone. Hop on for river rafting and enjoy the cool waters of the Yaque del Norte River, the longest in the Caribbean. In the company of professional guides, you will go through canyons and rapids to the feel of an adrenaline rush. You will discover places unknown to most. Action, nature, a once-in-a lifetime adventure. Or visit Pico Duarte, the Duarte Peak, 3,087 meters above sea level, highest elevation in the Antilles. Join us for 3, 4 or 5 day excursions from Jarabacoa, by foot or by mule to the roof of the Caribbean. You will go from the tropical forest to the pine forest of the J. Armando Bermúdez National Park, going on paths through thousand of ferns. You will see cotorras, papagayos or jilgueros and other exotic birds. Ride by jeep or horseback riding to the Baiguate Waterfall, a 25mts. fall surrounded by nature. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the area. The ride will take you through villages where you can see some aspects of the Dominican Republic culture and appreciate the scenery.
River Rafting and other Excursions in Jarabacoa
Jarabacoa Ecotourism and River Rafting
Welcome to Rancho Baiguate ... Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

Rancho Baiguate offers all types outdoor activities and excursions in Jarabacoa such as river rafting, canyoning and much more and is located in valley of Jarabacoa, which stands at 500 meters above sea level in the Central Mountains, known as the land of eternal spring. Cool temperatures, the longest river of the Caribbean (Yaque del Norte), impressive waterfalls and the highest peak in the Antilles (Pico Duarte 3,087 meters) form a unique combination to the entire hemisphere.